REWIND – 1 Week (December 10)

Posted on 19. Nov, 2014

REWIND – 1 Week (December 10)


We need to know what we’ve been through in order to know where we’ve landed because where we’ve landed will shape where we’re going. Do you know what direction your life is heading?


1 Week // The Point: Your past leads you to your present and your present shapes your future. Key Verse: Philippians 3:13-14


This one-week series will help students identify all the things that have happened in their lives this past year which ultimately brought them to where they are now. Once they’ve identified those things, then they can begin to determine the direction they want their lives to go as they move into a new year.


Rewind is one week and will be a live speak (transcript included in series resources). Pay attention to the format of the order of events as they are different from normal:

  • First, the worship band does one warm-up song to set up the live speak.
  • Next comes the live speak (not longer than 20 minutes).
  • Then have the worship band come back up as you explain the experience (see “experiential options” doc).
  • Then let students go through the stations while worship band plays (as time allows).
  • Finally, bring everyone back together to sing one or two more worship songs together. Make sure while students are going through the stations that the worship music isn’t too loud. It should just help create atmosphere not be a prominent element. Once students are done with the stations and they come back forward for worship, you can bring the volume back to normal.


For Leaders:

Leader Guide

Live Speak Script (.docx file that you can edit if you’d like)

Live Speak Script (.pdf version)

For Youth Pastors:

Experiential Options

YP Guide