#GameChanger – 4 Weeks (August 20 – September 10)


People want to be about something bigger than themselves. They want to have influence in this world, leave a mark, make a difference. Some just talk about it, while others will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Those are the ones who become game changers! If you want that to be you, then you won’t want to miss this series, #GameChanger!


Week 1 // The Point: What happens here isn’t meant to stay here. // Key Verses: Proverbs 29:18, Acts 20:24

Week 2 // The Point: What you believe determines who you become. // Key Verses: John 8:3-11

Week 3 // The Point: Action always trumps intention. // Key Verses: Joshua 1:9

Week 4 // The Point: We are what we repeatedly do. // Key Verses: Daniel 3:16-18


A lot of people talk about changing the game, but few people can actually be called game changers. They are people who have changed the world.

In the first week of #GameChanger, we’ll look at how to set a great vision for our lives and go after that vision. We need to take the things we learn in Switch and apply them to our everyday lives. Then we’ll start to be people of influence.

In week two, we’ll help students identify what labels have been placed on them, what labels they want to be known for, and what they believe to be true about themselves. We’ll help them realize that they aren’t what others say they are, they are who God says they are.

In the third week of #GameChanger, we’ll look at what fears hold us back from going after what God has called us to do. We’ll help students realize they can’t change the game without taking risks, that they can’t take risks without courage, and that courage is essential to being a game changer.

In the fourth and final week, students will gain an understanding of what it means to be a person of character. You can change the game without character but your character is what you’ll be remembered for.


Week one is a YP live speak. You’ll speak the full message (script is included). There will be supplemental video and graphics with Scripture and points for your live speak.

Weeks 2-4 will be a live recording from the Oklahoma City campus. You’ll receive each week of the series videos six days prior to your next experience.

There will not be any closing scripts with this series. The videos will take it all the way through the close to asking if any students want to raise their hands. At this point, you will seamlessly transition from the video to you recognizing hands raised.

Series Resources

For Leaders:

Leader Guide Week 1

Leader Guide Week 2

Leader Guide Week 3

Leader Guide Week 4

For Youth Pastors:

Live Speak Script Week 1(.docx file that you can edit if you’d like)

LIVE Speak Script Week 1 (.pdf version)

Experiential Options

YP Guide



Jr. High Week 2

Sr. High Week 2

Jr. High Week 3

Sr. High Week 3