Supernatural – 3 Weeks (October 8 – October 22)


There is a realm out there that we can’t see, that we are often unaware of. But this realm is very real, one of epic battles for our lives. Angels versus demons. Good versus evil. A place where sin and virtue collide. This is the supernatural world. Join us as we look at how to combat spiritual attack in our lives in this new series, Supernatural.


Week 1 // The Point: Understanding what spiritual warfare is and identifying areas of attack in your life. // Key Verse: Ephesians 6:12

Week 2 // The Point: God is over all good and evil. In the end, God wins. We can overcome anything in our lives when we are in Christ. // Key Verses: Mark 5:1-13

Week 3 // The Point: Answering questions students asked about the supernatural world.


The supernatural isn’t a topic we often talk about or even think about. But if the Bible talks about it then so should we. We need to be aware that the supernatural world is very real and it affects our physical lives.

In the first week of Supernatural, we’ll talk about spiritual warfare and how the supernatural attacks us in our physical world. We’ll also talk about how to combat that in our lives.

In week two, we’ll help students realize that we know the outcome of this spiritual battle. We have the end of the story and God’s side wins! Jesus has overcome all things in this world, and because of that, we can live free from whatever tries to hold us down.

In the third week of Supernatural, we’ll answer questions that students asked regarding the supernatural world in an attempt to provide clarity and truth on the subject matter.


There will not be any closing scripts with this series. The videos will take it all the way through the close to asking if any students want to raise their hands. At this point, you will seamlessly transition from the video to you recognizing hands raised.

In the first week of the series, the last question in small groups directs students to ask questions they may have about the supernatural. They will message in their question using YouVersion. Here are the instructions on how to do it:

  1. Click on the Menu (upper left of the screen).
  2. Click on Live.
  3. Click Search for a Live Event.
  4. Click Switch Supernatural.
  5. Write in your name, what campus you go to, and your question.
  6. Click Submit Answer.

Make sure you walk your leaders through this ahead of time so they know how to lead their students to do this in their small groups.


For Leaders:

Leader Guide Week 1

Leader Guide Week 2

Leader Guide Week 3

For Youth Pastors:

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