In Between – 3 Weeks (May 7-21)

Posted on 28. Apr, 2014

In Between – 3 Weeks (May 7-21)


When Evan believes he’s meeting up with Abby for a date, he finds himself at a church event where he has a life-altering experience. Things will never be the same for Evan again. Join us for the series entitled In Between, where we watch the faith journey of Evan unfold before us.

Series Description

When we hear the word “faith” it can conjure a sort of fluffy, soft, ambiguous idea. We throw the word faith around so much, but do we really understand what it means, what it looks like, and how we should live it out?

This is a three-week episodic series that follows the faith journey of a teenager named Evan as he struggles through what his new decision to follow Christ really should look like in his everyday life. He interacts with friends who support him and others who reject him as he navigates through his newly found faith.

In the first episode of In Between, Evan thinks he’s going on a date with a girl named Abby, but instead finds himself at the steps of a church where he has a life-changing experience. Through this episode, we’ll look at what faith is at its foundation using Hebrews 11:1 as a reference point.

In week two, Evan’s faith goes through a series of trials and tests. He must learn to stand firm in his faith when his life gets a little bit rocky.

In the final week of In Between, we’ll watch as Evan’s authentic life changes raise some questions from his best friend AJ, which compels her to give this “church thing” a try.

Series Resources

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