Thirst – 4 Weeks (April 8 – April 29)


In a post-apocalyptic world, four teenagers are in search of the thing they need most: water. They receive a video transmission that will leave them divided on what to do next. You won’t want to miss this as we talk about going after what we need most in this series, Thirst.


The Point

Wk 1 Rely on God to provide for you everything you need.
Wk 2 Don’t chase after things that will leave you thirsty. Chase after the things of God.

Wk 3 Be willing to wait on God for what you need most.
Wk 4 Step out where God is calling you.

Key Verse

Wk 1 Numbers 20:1-13
Wk 2 John 4:5-17, 28-29, 39-42

Wk 3 John 5:1-9
Wk 4 Matthew 14:22-33


We all have things that we want. But then there are things that we need in this life, too. We spend so much of our time chasing after things and trying to fulfill our wants. But maybe we’re chasing after the wrong things. Perhaps we should be chasing after God and relying on the Him to quench our thirst. He even says, When you drink water you will thirst again, but if you drink from the living water I have to offer you will never be thirsty again.

In the first week of Thirst, four teenagers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world get a video transmission that promises them water. They get excited and are ready to head off to a compound to find it, but things might not be what they seem. We’ll use this to talk about how all the ways we try to go after the things we want and need might not be what they seem. What we should be doing is relying on God to provide us with what we need.

In the second week, the video transmission is interrupted by a guy who warns them not to head to the compound, but the only one who sees it is Eva. She must now try to convince the others of what she heard. She thinks that the compound will lead to death, but the other way to go will lead to never thirsting again. This is exactly what God promises us.

In week three, the students wait for the messenger that will lead them to the place where they can get water and provide them with what they need. We will use this plotline to talk about waiting on God for the things we want and need.

In the fourth and final week of Thirst, Eva decides to leave the group and venture out on her own to follow the messenger’s instructions. She believes in it so much that she’s willing to step out and go. The reality is, God calls us to go and do things for Him. The question is, do we trust Him enough to set out into the unknown and go where He is taking us?


The videos in this series are shorter than typical, so the wrap-ups will be more of a live-speak format and length.

The communicator will start by setting up the teaching with a story from Scripture. They will then transition into the video episode. Following the video, they’ll do a full wrap-up and close.

Video run times are as follows: Week 1- 4:17, Week 2- 8:30, Week 3- 8:11, Week 4- 10:45


For Leaders:

Leader Guide Week 1

Leader Guide Week 2

Leader Guide Week 3

Leader Guide Week 4

For Youth Pastors:

Wk 1 Live Speak Script (.docx file that you can edit if you’d like)

Wk 1 Live Speak Script (.pdf version)

Wk 2 Live Speak Script (.docx file that you can edit if you’d like)

Wk 2 Live Speak Script (.pdf version)

Wk 3 Live Speak Script (.docx file that you can edit if you’d like)

Wk 3 Live Speak Script (.pdf version)

Wk 4 Live Speak Script (.docx file that you can edit if you’d like)

Wk 4 Live Speak Script (.pdf version)

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